Bodega de Edgar

Bodega de Edgar220X72Chances are good that you have correctly trasnlated Bodega de Edgar to the Winery of Edgar – congratulations, you have made an important connection to the important relationship of the winemaker to the wines! Edgar Torres was born in Buenavista, Michoac´┐Żn, Mexico, and grew up in Cambria, California. He fell in love with wine in Paso Roblesand it is in Paso Robles that he is fulfilling his goal of creating wines of consequence. At Bodega de Edgar the wine lover will find varieties that are special to his heart and heritage. The wines are unique and exceptional – just like their winemaker. They are all very small production and, therefore, availability is very limited. Get them while you can!

Albarino | Granacha | Tempranillo | Blends

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