Brochelle Vineyards

brochelle_thumbTucked away on a sun-drenched hillside west of Paso Robles, therein lies the graceful twenty-acre head pruned Zinfandel vineyard and diminutive winery comprising Brochelle Vineyards. Proprietors Brock and Michelle Waterman are passionately focused on every facet of the creation of their wines. From farming the vineyard to harvesting, crushing and fermenting the grapes, they immerse themselves within the winemaking process in its entirety. They take great pride in the fact that their wines are truly crafted by their own hands with excessive emphasis on quality of the finished product. Their mission is to create the best Zinfandel in California and will not compromise on a single detail in order that it may be achieved.


Cabernet Sauvignon | Syrah | Zinfandel

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