MadeleineDamien Georis’s Passion for wine was ignited as a young boy in Belgium when an old family friend, Madeleine, gave him his first sip. Over countless visits and explorations of her incredible wine cellar, Damien’s interest grew, laying the foundations of a future career. After studying enology at Bordeaux University, Damien found further inspiration in France’s Loire Valley and its signature grape Cabernet Franc. As he moved to California in 2005, he decided to create a wine that would express the best of this elegant, delicate and refined varietal. It was to be named Madeleine. Not forgetting his first love for Bordeaux, he later released the Madeleine “Left Bank” cuvee, a Cabernet Sauvignon blend with a touch of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. In 2008, Madeleine “L’Arsouille” Pinot Blanc completed the line-up. Crisp and refreshing, this wine is crafted to reveal the subtlety and complexity of this underrated grape.


Cabernet Franc | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Blanc

Midnight Cellars

midnight cellarsThe Hartenberger family began the Midnight Cellars adventure with one idea in mind, to create ultra-premium wines of which they can be proud. They decided to settle in Paso Robles after an extensive search for properties throughout California. The family planted their first vines in the spring of 1996, and has expanded these plantings each year since. The hillside vineyard is now approximately 31 acres and planted with Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot. Future plantings will consist of Cabernet Franc and more Cabernet Sauvignon, with the intention of bottling a Bordeaux style blend from 100% estate grapes.


Cabernet Sauvignon | Chardonnay | Meritage | Merlot | Port | Red Table | Sauvignon Blanc | Syrah | Zinfandel

Missing Leg

MissingLegWhile rummaging through a collection of inherited British pub memorabilia, Karl and Heidi stumbled upon a brass casting that depicted an arrangement of 3 horseshoes. The “horse brass” was emblematic of Karl’s father’s favorite pub outside of London, known as The Missing Leg. Owner, winemaker Karl Wicka entered the wine industry at the age of 23, Karl’s first experience was as a graveyard shift crush worker at Mondavi’s Woodbridge Winery in Lodi. “I learned several important things in Lodi,” recalls Karl, “first, that this was a career path that I could pursue. I also learned that I didn’t want to live in Lodi or make 100,000+ cases of wine a year, and working the graveyard shift with Galt meth-heads drove home the importance of having a college degree.” So it was back to San Luis Obispo, to finish his Bachelors’ in Fruit Science from Cal Poly in the Winter of 1994. Spring of the same year marked what would be a 9 year employment at Wi1d Horse Winery in Templeton. There, Karl learned vast amounts about Central Coast vineyards and where grape varieties performed at their peak. In doing so, he rose from cellar-rat to cellar-master, and he had the opportunity to work beside industry pioneers and future industry superstars. In 2002 Karl convinced Dr. Turley to take him on as assistant winemaker for Turley Wine Cellars, Templeton. He continues to hold this position with honor, 7 vintages and one 6.5 richter earthquake and counting.


Pinot Noir | Syrah

Mosby Winery

mosby_thumbIn 1976 Bill and Jeri Mosby bought 206 acres, part of the old Rancho de la Vega land grant along Highway 101, just south of Buellton. They planted 18 acres in Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer, and converted the old 18th century carriage house into the winery. In the mid-1980′s Bill became enamored with Italian varietals, and also produced Santa Barbara County’s first distilled spirit – a Grappa di Traminer. Mosby winery endeavors to produce lean, sleek, finely balanced wines with firm acidity and low PH’s that can stand on their own, yet provide a perfect partnership with food.


Chardonnay | Cortese | Dolcetto | Lucca | Pinot Grigio | Raspberry Dessert Wine | Roc Michel | Rosato di Sangiovese | Sangiovese | Teroldego | Traminer

Moscato Bella

MoscatoBellaCraig Reed is known throughout America as the Master of Moscato having been crafting this unique wine for over 20 years. It all started with Craig’s extensive travels throughout Italy and his discovery of the Moscato D’Asti wines of Piedmonte, a wine made with the Moscato Bianco grape varietal, extremely sweet and used primarily as a dessert wine. Craig came back and started experimenting with Muscat Canelli (and a top secret blend) that made the wine crisper, more acidic and able to be a more versatile food wine, before a meal as a palate cleanser, during a meal (pairing it with Cheese, Thai food, Fried Chicken, Pasta, Sushi, the limits are endless), after a meal as an aperitif, or simply enjoying on the back porch on a hot summer day. But who is Bella? Bella lives within all of us, she travels, meets the most interesting people, and spreads the word about Moscato Bella her favorite wine, look on the back label for her latest adventure, follow her on as she travels the world on her scooter, be a part of the adventure!