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We seek to support local viticulture and honor our palates’ love for old world wines that have naturally high acidity and tadalafil en colombia are not masked by many of the modern day manipulations.

To do so, we selfishly decided to make what we most love to drink: Chardonnay that is earth and mineral driven from cool climates with little or no new oak. To achieve these qualities we were drawn to one of the coolest of all California AVA’s, Sta. Rita Hills. Located in Santa Barbara County, it is home to some of the most Chardonnay-suited, unique, ancient soils in North America.

From the climate and soil, to the people and their wines, Sta. Rita Hills is certainly one of the most special regions we have ever come across. We are truly honored to be a part of it.

We allow the wines to develop

on their own with little intervention, minimal or no new oak and use no additives or machines to

manipulate the wines inherent personality. The project is also committed to blending from the handful of special vineyards we work with in the small AVA of Sta. Rita Hills to produce a collection of Chardonnays

that are markedly different

expressions, but with the same thread of intense minerality and salinity they started with in the vineyard.  Cheers – Jeff & Nikki Nelson..

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