REC Solar Helps J&L Wines Chill with Solar Power

Temperature-controlled wine storage and distribution facility gets 100 percent of its power from clean, renewable energy.

Reducing environmental impact also improves bottom line 

REC Solar’s installation at the temperature-controlled wine storage and distribution facility for California’s J&L Wines is the first of its kind to utilize clean, renewable energy from the sun. The REC Solar electric system will dramatically lower energy costs for the 28,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which uses extensive electricity for temperature control, electronic surveillance, and its computerized inventory management system. J&L owners John and Lorraine Alban had already worked with REC Solar to install solar electric systems at one of their other businesses, Alban Vineyards, and also at their home. “My husband and I believe solar is a wonderful energy source for countless reasons,” Lorraine Alban said. “Our experiences with REC Solar have all been very positive.”


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