wrathWrath produces site-driven Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc from our Estate Vineyard and respected properties in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Our production is small, our distribution is limited and our wines reveal attitude, passion, and an inherent respect for what a vineyard can give us. Our Estate San Saba Vineyard is sheltered in a nook just below the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, roughly 25 miles southeast of the town of Monterey. Our climate is heavily influenced by the morning fog and afternoon winds from the nearby Pacific Ocean. This is a cool site with little rainfall and one of the longest growing seasons in the world. Our unusual climate allows us to produce ripe, concentrated wines of exceptional balance. Our site’s soils are primarily composed of Arroyo Gravelly Loam and Handford Gravelly Sandy Loam. The Handford Gravelly Sandy Loam comes from the SLH Bench just above our vineyard. In addition to its excellent drainage properties, our site is essentially free of disease and pests allowing us to plant and farm a portion of our property with own-rooted vines. The Estate consists of 72 acres, 67.75 of which are planted to grapes. The varietal mix is Chardonnay (30.44 acres), Pinot Noir (18.11 acres), Sauvignon Blanc (15.44), Syrah (3.60 acres) and Muscat (0.59 acres). We tailor our trellising, row direction, rootstock, clones and farming protocols to take advantage of the subtleties and intricacies of our terroir. To preserve our local ecosystem, we have worked with viticultural consultant Steve McIntyre to develop and implement a SIP certified sustainable farming program specifically tailored to our unique conditions. In addition to protecting the local environment, we believe it allows us to produce wines that are more authentic and specific to our terrior.


Sauvignon Blanc | Chardonnay | Pinot Noir | Syrah

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