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Veraison 2020

Veraison 2020

Veraison (“verr-ray-zohn”)

In the world of viticulture there are several stages in a grapes lifespan. One of the most important moments in a grapes lifecycle may arguably be veraison, which in short means the onset of ripening. Veraison is French in origin, but the term has been adopted into English use by all winegrowers.  By definition, veraison means, “change of color of the grape berries”, however if you ask most winemakers and winegrowers veraison signals a change in the way they care for their vines, it also marks the start of the countdown to harvest. Another 30-70 days of ripening and harvest 2020 will be here!

We have asked our suppliers to show us some veraison happening in their vineyards for vintage 2020.  It is so fascinating to see how different and unique each vineyard is and how quickly or slowly each vine is ripening! See below for what they have to say about Veraison 2020.

Roar Winery

Ooooo baby, here comes veraison! During this time, grape berries experience dramatic physical and chemical changes, turning from hard, green and acidic to soft, pigmented, sweet and full of flavor. This marker tells us we are about 6 weeks from harvest #winegrapes #veraison #pinotnoir

Roar Winery Photos
Roar Winery Photos

Peachy Canyon Winery

Mustang Springs Ranch in veraison!

Peachy Canyon Winery Photos
Peachy Canyon Winery Photos

Adelaida Vineyard & Winery

Here is a photo of our Syrah grown in our Anna’s Estate Vineyard on the beautiful westside of Paso Robles in the Adelaida District of the AVA.

Adelaida Vineyard & Winery Photos

Alta Colina Winery

This shows veraison in our block 4 Mourvèdre, which overlooks the Trailer Pond and reveals a peek of one of our Grenache blocks planted up the opposite hill behind the trailers. We’re seeing veraison across all of our reds, which means harvest is coming!

Alta Colina Winery Photo

Booker Vineyard & Winery

Here is the Tempranillo, always the overachiever, first to budbreak, first to flower, first to version! Only 1.8 acres. Only Syrah is coming on at hilltops, but everything else not yet.

Booker Vineyard & Winery Photos
Booker Vineyard & Winery Photos

Linne Calodo Winery

Veraison on the Linne Calodo Stomethrower Ranch.

Linne Calodo Winery Photo

Lamborn Family Vineyards

Here’s a photo of our Zinfandel. “Times are changing and the grapes are too! This is a shot of our Zinfandel, just hangin’ out on Howell Mountain.”

Lamborn Family Vineyards Photo

Ampelos Cellars

Pinot Noir clone 777 started veraison a week ago. The cold Santa Rita Hills weather provides slow ripening.

Ampelos Cellars Photo

Midnight Cellars

A few pictures of our Malbec vineyard showing some of the veraison starting! It's such an exciting time as the grapes start to plump up and change colors - a humbling experience to remind us that everything is temporary; as time passes, things change, and sometimes they are for the better! Veraison is one of the most important moments in a grapevine's lifecycle - the onset of ripening signaling good things to come. During these times it's so important to hold on to that notion.

Midnight Cellars Photos
Midnight Cellars Photos

Tondré Winery

Veraison is 60% complete in Tondre Grapefield. The weather is cool and the crop is setting up for a great harvest!

Tondré Winery Photo

J Dusi Winery

Veraison to harvest in the Dusi Old Vine Zinfandel Vineyard.

J Dusi Winery Photo
J Dusi Winery Photo

The Farm Winery

For The Farm Winery, veraison means fruit drop, a lot of fruit dropped.

The Farm Winery Photo

Honig Vineyard & Winery

These were the first grapes in our sustainable Rutherford vineyard to begin Veraison. This is Malbec, which is used as a blending varietal in our Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley.

Honig Vineyard & Winery Photo

Brochelle Vineyards

Brock, Winemaker & Proprietor of Brochelle, “Our Syrah is tasting mighty nice right now and it will come into it’s prime during harvest as expected. It’s looking like harvest will be closer to September for us this year which is a bit later for us than years past.”

Brochelle Vineyards Photo