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Soil. Vines. Wines. This is the order in which great wine is made. Waking up from the dream is the belief that a farmer must know his fruit, and we (Peter & Rebecca Work) are resolute in our passion to produce hands-on, minimally invasive wines that both whisper and shout about the terroir from which they are grown. Our vineyard is one of the first in the US to be certified Sustainability in Practice, Organic and Biodynamic. Our commitment to eco-friendly, organic farming and wine making is evident in every sip.

​The combination of carefully nurtured vines, sustainable farming, hand-sorted fruit, eco-friendly wine making, and the passion in a wine that is elegant, unique and supremely drinkable. The clean and cared-for fruit shines through every bottle, glass and sip of Ampelos wine. We relish the privilege of sharing the literal fruits of our journey with friends old and new!

We produce approximately 5,000 cases per year, with a focus on growing organic grapes and creating well-crafted wines. Our methods combine a respect for tradition and openness to innovation, keeping our wine making methods as natural as possible and free of harsh chemicals. All the extra grape skins, stems, seeds, and lees are composted, and we hand punch-down our wines to minimize use of electricity. In fact, we absorb more CO2 than we produce.

Winemaker: Peter Work

Wines Produced

  • Pinot Noir
  • Red Blend
  • Rhône Blend
  • Rhône Red Blend
  • Rosé
  • Syrah
  • Viognier