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Calwise Spirits

Calwise Spirits - Our Journey

A story of an illegal love

A taste for lawlessness and small batch liquor runs deep in the Bergh family roots. When the Feds shut down Aaron's great-great-grandfather's moonshining operation during Prohibition, the family business was far from over. Almost a century later, the craft that runs in Aaron's blood re-emerged when he made the intrepid decision to start making hooch in his college dorm room. What began as a humble hobby quickly grew into a passion and then evolved into an obsession.

A perfectionist and lover of nature, Aaron takes inspiration from the place he calls home and its rich culture. He shares the experiences he found on the Central Coast - the sights, the smells, and the flavors - through his creations at Calwise Spirits Co.

Distiller: Aaron Bergh

Spirits Produced

  • Distilled - Flavored
  • Gin
  • Liqueurs/Cordials
  • Rum