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Fria Frio

Born in Portugal

Good wine doesn’t need to be complicated. It should simply be delicious. In Fria Frio, we have created a seriously good wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It embodies Portugal’s joyful, easy going lifestyle in every glass. 

Our grapes are grown in the Vinho Verde, in an ideal climate near the sea, resulting in a fresh, thirst-quenching wine that is naturally lower in alcohol. 

This means you can have a good time, indulge, and still feel your best.

Say no to stuffy, no to old school. Say yes to fun. We can’t wait for you to taste our wines.

Our journey flowed along the river from the city of Porto, over green rolling hills into lush, vineyard-covered landscapes humming with insects and birds. Wine is a part of daily life here; many families have small plots of land with grapes filling every available space, growing beside vegetables and fruit trees, hung on pergolas and even draped over telephone poles!

This is a place of warmth where no one is a stranger, just someone you haven’t met yet.

We set out to bottle this sense of community, integrity, pride and most of all, love.

Our search for the best winemaker led us to Joana Santiago

A year long process culminating in a blind tasting of 50 wines gave us a clear winner: Joana Santiago, a third-generation winemaker. We not only fell for her wines, but for her beautiful, dynamic and joyful character. She is a force and one of the best winemakers in Portugal -or anywhere.

Wines Produced

  • Vinho Verde