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Halter Ranch Winery

Historic Halter Ranch is a vineyard and winery located in the heart of the Paso Robles’ Westside Adelaida District. California’s Central Coast Wine Country has ideal conditions for growing superior wine grapes and producing world-class wines. We craft 100% estate-grown wines, which are sustainably farmed on westside limestone soils. Tradition and innovation mix at Halter Ranch to produce Bordeaux and Rhône wines of the highest quality. After years of planning and construction, our new green building winery facility is finally complete. Architect John Mitchell worked closely with the Halter Ranch winemaking team to design this state of the art facility. Multi-level, the winery utilizes gravity flow in all aspects of the winemaking process.  Gravity flow allows the winemaker to handle the fruit in the gentlest way possible, without pumping, from the de-stemmer at the top level, into the tanks, and ultimately into the barrel. Rainwater harvesting systems on the roof, in the floors, and in drains around the exterior of the facility retrieve more than 100% of total water used in the winemaking process. Water collected beyond the needs of the facility itself is used to fill our vineyard’s irrigation pond. Born and raised in Switzerland, owner Hansjörg believes Paso Robles is the best place in California to pursue his dream of producing world-class grapes and wines, a dream we are now busy realizing. The organic vineyard is on his beautiful 900 acre ranch, the largest continuous in Paso Robles.

Winemaker: Kevin Sass

Wines Produced

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Grenache Blanc
  • Red Blend
  • Rhône Red Blend
  • Rosé
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Syrah