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Jackhammer Wine Company delivers refreshing quality at great value in every single glass. Cold climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are sourced from Kristy's Vineyard in Monterey. A delightful "Jill Hammer" Rose of Pinot Noir also is available on a limited basis and a portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold goes to a breast cancer fighting organization.

Kristy's Vineyard: 2 miles south of the town of Greenfield, Monterey County.  Vineyard soils are Lockwood Loam, fine-loamy alluvium derived from shale (soft, finely stratified sedimentary rock).  The vineyard is flat, on the valley floor at the junction of Highway 101 and Lagomarsina Road.  The vineyard is certified sustainable under the SIP certification program.
The Kristy Vineyard grows on the western bench over the Salinas River on the broken sediment of ancient sea beds where it is exposed to the consistent cooling winds off the Monterey Bay.  This sandy, well-drained site in Monterey County dips in and out of the fog line and enjoys a long, cool growing season that helps the grapes develop the character, intensity and depth of flavor.

The Three Laws of Engineering: 1) Always use the right tool for the job, 2) A hammer is the right tool for any job, and 3) Anything can be used as a hammer. A hammer is the perfect tool for any occasion - as is the wine!

The partnership of winemaker Steve Dooley (well known for his life work with these varieties and his own label Stephen Ross Cellars) and marketing expert Sandy Garber can be proud of these offerings. 

Winemaker: Steve Dooley

Wines Produced

  • - Aluminum Cans Available
  • - Wine Kegs Available
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Rosé