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Lapis Luna

Lapis Luna translates to “stone” and “moon.” Their beautiful labels bring to life 400 year old Copperplate engravings to depict the relationship between the earth (stone), the moon (luna), and the affect she has on us. On the labels, the heroes are depicted striving to connect with the moon and looking to it for inspiration, just as partners Andrew Nelson and Drew Stapp do when creating their wines. Lapis Luna is the effect of the moon on our California grapes. They are dedicated to producing wines that over-deliver in quality and price point. Since 1999, they have grown long term relationships with established growers throughout Lodi and the North Coast. Their wines deliver fresh and vibrant fruit balanced with lively acidity and good structure, creating true-to-varietal expressions that can be enjoyed every night of the week

Winemaker: Sterling Albert

Wines Produced

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Red Blend
  • Sauvignon Blanc