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Premium Blend Wine-Based Spirits

Whatever your poison may be -- whisky, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, triple-sec, amaretto, coffee liqueur, or peach or peppermint schnapps -- Premium Blend® has got your back. Using quality ingredients and the most advanced technology available, Premium Blend® captures the distinct flavors of your favorite liquors and liqueurs.

Premium Blend’s groundbreaking recipes make it possible for venues with only a wine license to serve cocktails legally. Prepare a Margarita, Mojito, or Bloody Mary, with wine-based liquor – without losing any of the flavors or alcohol content.

These potent, wine-based liquors come in 24% and 20%, alcohol by volume, as mandated by California State laws. Perfect for both proprietors and individuals, Premium Blend’s® Wine-Based Liquors and Liqueurs are packaged in 750 ml and one liter bottles. Legal to sell and serve with a wine license, Premium Blend® products are ready to mix with your preferred cocktail mix to create Piña Coladas, Daiquiris, Cosmopolitans, and more.

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