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Richvale Wine Co.

Richvale Wine Co. is the new whimsical project from Sans Liege's Curt Schalchlin. On the go around Curt is focusing more on nuance, energy and playful fun.
Winemaker Rowdy Richvale, enjoys long walks to the liquor store and tanning his mankini on the beach. In his free time he makes playful wines like Pool Party Pink, One Piece Revival White and 3-Day Weekend Red which are best knocked down with friends.

Cans are packaged as (6) 4-packs of 250mls. So each box is the equivalent of 1.25 standard size (750ml) bottles.

Winemaker: Curt Schalchlin

Wines Produced

  • - Aluminum Cans Available
  • Red Blend
  • Rosé
  • White Blend