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Azeo Distillery

AZEO, short for Azeotrope, is a craft distillery based in Paso Robles specializing in super premium vodka (made from apples or grapes). At Azeo, they take on a tactile approach to distillation. Only the best cuts from each run make their way into the finished product.

Their flagship offering, Vodka 100% Distilled from Apples, begins with 20 tons of apples at a time. They press the apples to create the hard cider that will be distilled first through a 4-chamber fractioning tower, and then through their 16-chamber tower, all manually operated. It takes about 27 apples to make 1 bottle. As for any waste, there is a reason California cows are happy. locally distilled in Paso Robles,

Vodka from Grapes. Wine grapes to be exact. They’ve been grown for generations to produce the finest wines that this country has ever produced. What if that same quality and agricultural attention to detail was used to make not only the finest wine, but the finest spirit? That was the question posed to their master distiller, and the answer was Azeo Vodka crafted from grapes. Sourcing grapes from the central coast of California, where the Mediterranean-like climate produces rich flavorful fruits, then they run the fermented juices through the same hand crafted, manual process as the Vodka from apples. The intricate process starts with approximately five pounds of grapes per bottle.


Spirits Produced

  • Vodka