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Buendia Tequila

Buendia® is an ultra premium Tequila brand committed to quality and craft. Our name in Spanish means “good day” and is often used as a greeting. One of the founders was a Crew Chief on the F-15 Eagle and our logo pays homage to his days in the Air Force. The eagle bears significance in both the United States as well as Mexico; it represents our focus on integrity, service, and excellence.

Our company is built on dedication and passion. From field to bottling, our products and practices are held to the highest standards. We only use the finest ingredients and are naturally organic. To ensure a consistent high-quality product our Master Distiller oversees the entire process.

We love Tequila and want to share it with the world. Our hope is to bring people together one sip at a time.

Spirits Produced

  • Tequila / Mezcal / Agave