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Cantera Negra

Cantera Negra was founded more than 40 years ago by Don Alberto Becherano. He spent more than a decade perfecting his proprietary method of making what we believe to be the best tequila in the world.

Today, the family-owned and operated ‘Cavas de Don Max’ handcrafts each batch of award winning Tequila to exact standards; for taste and smoothness. A precise process that has been established and perfected over decades.

Their agave is specifically grown in the nutrient and mineral-rich volcanic soil, from which the name ‘Cantera Negra’ came - meaning black volcanic soil. They only harvest fully mature, or late harvest, agave. Using only the finest agave allows them to ensure an all-natural product. No additives; colorings, sugars, perfumes, flavorings, etc.

In-house coopers hand-craft oak barrels that provide an entirely unique flavor and experience for each style of aged tequila. Their aging process goes well beyond industry standards – up to five times longer – to create a smoothness found nowhere else.

Only after all of these high and exacting standards in production can this ultra-premium Tequila go before the Becherano family tasting panel, who personally ensure the remarkable taste of Cantera Negra.

Master Distiller: Don Alberto Becherano. Master Blender: Dan Becherano


Spirits Produced

  • Liqueurs/Cordials
  • Tequila / Mezcal / Agave