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Central Coast Distillery | Forager Spirits

Central Coast Distillery is hand-crafting virtuous single batch spirits. Their unconventional approach to the age-old craft of distilling has led them to venture out and create a range of spirits that complement a healthy lifestyle and can be enjoyed with a little less guilt. In keeping with their convictions, CCD is encouraging clean consumption, and bottle only the purest portion of the spirit referred to as the heart of the distillation.

Taking their cue from the FORAGER, they hold to their belief and contribute to sustainable practices starting only with natural ingredients, utilizing organics when possible. Their Central California location affords them an abundance of resources within a region of various microclimates making it easy to work in harmony with  local beekeepers, farmers, and viticulturists to source honey, grains, and fruits. In addition, Central Coast Distillery forage the land and sea hand gathering botanical and ingredients to use in their cocktails, menus and garnishments.

While respectful to honor the conventional customs of distillation, CCD remains innovative and are not opposed to advanced means as a source in their production practices. They are simple and unpretentious in their presentation creating a comfortable environment to relax and enjoy both food & spirit. 

Distiller: Eric Olson

Spirits Produced

  • Bourbon
  • Gin
  • Rye
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey