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Forager Spirits by Central Coast Distillery

Forager is a family of uniquely handcrafted single batch spirits bottling only the pure heart of each run.   Taking an unconventional method to the age-old craft of distilling has led them to venture out and create a range of spirits that complement a healthy lifestyle and can be enjoyed with little guilt.

Uniquely, Forager's Craft Distiller, takes a culinary approach to the making of their spirits sourcing through local farmers, ranchers and beekeepers.  They utilize locally grown, harvested/foraged and organic ingredients whenever possible and follow sustainable practices. Taking Their cue from the Forager,  they explore land and sea hand-gathering botanical and ingredients they use in their cocktails, menus and garnishments.

While respectful to honor the conventional customs of distillation, Forager by Central Coast Distillery remains innovative and are not opposed to advanced means as a source in their production practices.  However, unlike other spirit producers who run their stills continuously, Forager batches are made in one of our 50-gallon stainless or a 100-gallon Kentucky Copper stills, yielding 36 - 50 bottles per batch allowing them to make clean cuts eliminating the impurities found in the heads and the tails of each run.  All combined this has allowed them to fashion spirits that bring pleasure to the nose, appealing texture to the mouth and finish smoothly. Because Forager produces, bottles and labels their products all within the bond lines of 650 square feet, They touch, inspect and guarantee the quality of every bottle leaving the distillery. 

Distiller: Eric Olson

Spirits Produced

  • Bourbon
  • Gin
  • Rye
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey