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Colori Wines

Exclusively Italian Varietals
In 2018, Harry Hall began Colori Wines by bartering his old truck for a truck bed of fruit. After years of working alongside notable winemakers of the central coast, Harry was inspired to start his own label, Colori Wines. As a craftsman, Harry’s approach is mindful and calculated. He takes care to honor the natural characteristics of the land and its fruit. This approach translates into his winemaking as he carefully hand picks his fruit, sources complimentary vessels, and commits to classic techniques with low manipulation to capture the purest expression of the wine and its terroir. The result is wine that inspires quality, easy-drinking, and true varietal characteristics. The wines are captured in bottles with labels that colorfully depict the vibe of the wine and the land from which the fruit was sourced. Colori translates to color. It stems from “per colori” a phrase used by italian families as they add a touch of wine to color their kids' soda. It’s an italian tradition and a fond memory of winemaker, Harry Hall.

Winemaker: Harry Hall

Wines Produced

  • Nebbiolo
  • Rosé
  • Sangiovese
  • White Blend