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Dead Horse Holler Distillery

Dead Horse Holler Distillery - Small Batch Handmade Whiskey with a family history dating back to pre-prohibition from Dead Horse Holler, Meade County, Kentucky.

Master Distiller, MN Green uses the same corn whiskey recipe and process his great Grandfather (David Green aka :Old Daddy" and friend (Finley Hardesty aka "Pappy") used after both immigrating from Ireland in the 1870's. Both men were looking for new opportunities in the "Land of the Free". Using the little money they had saved, they partnered up in Dead Horse Holler, Kentucky, combined their family recipes, purchased land and built a still. This "secret recipe" was passed down to their son and now to Mark "MN" Green. Dead Horse Holler is now based "LOCALLY" out of Bakersfield, California and has developed quite a following in the local bars, restaurants and retailers. With four generations and over 140 year history in every bottle, their story is told one pour at a time.

Spirits Produced

  • Bourbon
  • Distilled - Flavored
  • Moonshine
  • Whiskey