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Tomas Artesanal Mezcal

Tomas Artesanal mezcal expressions are hand-crafted, small-batch agave spirits.  We are recognized for our unique mezcals, approachable flavor profiles, and innovative blending.

We produce agave expressions with a focus on quality and authenticity, and with a commitment to ‘honor the spirit,’ not just the spirit in the bottle, but the Spirit of Mexico and Mezcal.

The birthplace of Tomas Artesanal, Santa Ana del Rio is a small village located in an isolated Oaxaca valley, with a rich history of artisans and mezcaleros. The ‘terroir’ of the area is a special combination of geography, geology, and climate that combine to produce distinct and delicious mezcal.  The abundant wild fruit trees interact with the wild yeast that ferments our agave mash, giving our mezcal sweet and savory notes that complement the roasted agave flavors.

Tomas Artesanal has four expressions, our Espadin and Tepeztate are hand-crafted in Santa Ana Del Rio, Oaxaca.  Tomas Artesanal Raicilla is from the Sierra Occidental of Jalisco. Finally, the Reserva, winner of three gold medals, is an original cold blend ensemble of joven espadin and añejo tequilana mezcals.

Spirits Produced

  • Tequila / Mezcal / Agave